Generate A Consistent Stream Of Warm Leads For Your Business and Build Your List of Dream Clients and Raving Fans...


Are you spending time online to attract and enrol your dream clients?


Do you struggle to get enough of your social media connections to work with you?


Would you like to discover how you can help more people to recognise that you are the person they want to work with - BEFORE you even know of their existence?


To All Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Speakers, Therapists, Healers, and Service Business Owners Marketing on Social Media (or, Who Want to)...


From Veronica Pullen, the Social Marketing Queen


Well, hellooo there,


I love that you’re using social media in your business marketing… and already out there networking and building quality relationships. I've built my business from scratch online, and even today, I meet most of my own clients this way.


However, to get the best results from the time you spend on social media, you need to ensure that you have a system in place for bringing the people you meet online into your own network where you personally own the data, rather than relying on having continued access to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, or wherever else you are currently attracting your clients online.


If your ability to get sales from your social media marketing relies on you having regular access to Facebook, Twitter etc, you’re in a VERY vulnerable position.


Relying on 3rd party sites for critical aspects of your business is dangerous. 


You do NOT own the data for your social connections, so if Facebook, Twitter, Linked in et al decided to block you from using their sites (Facebook permanently remove people from their network hourly!) you’ll have no way of nurturing the relationships you’ve spent years building!


And you shouldn’t just be worried about keeping on the right side of the rules either.


Remember what happened to Bebo, MySpace and Friends Reunited? One day the social networks that are bringing you the most clients now will disappear too and you’ll have to start over… building a whole new network!


All these years of effort – gone.


It will all have been for nothing!


Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?


Now… I want to introduce you to a simple, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to safeguard your future income… that also enables you to build a list of highly targeted, warm leads that grows by the hour and allows you to keep in regular LEGAL contact with your ideal prospects.


AND... that demonstrates to your audience that YOU are the person they want to work with - even before you get to know of their existence!


AND also... when you attend any offline business networking events or exhibitions, you’ll never leave without TONS of warm prospects waiting eagerly to hear from you…


It’s called a LEAD MAGNET!


Your lead magnet is something quick to consume, quick to implement for a rapid result, of huge value to your dream clients... that you offer free of charge, in exchange for their name and email address.


Creating your COMPELLING Lead Magnet is the process of packaging up an introduction to your expertise that can be downloaded by your prospective customers… giving them a test drive of your knowledge, and demonstrating that you ARE the expert that can help them get the result they want.


And at the same time… building your list of WARM LEADS!



This 15-Minute Guide to Facebook ads is one of my lead magnets. 


Within 6 weeks of publishing this lead magnet, I added 1,100 people to my email list.


Even today, 6 months on, it still attracts between 10-20 new subscribers each DAY, with no paid advertising!




The need for a COMPELLING lead magnets is a topic I talk of regularly.


Capture is step 3 of my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™… after Attract and Connect...


But many people put off creating this essential piece of their marketing because they don't know where to start, fear the process will be too complex - or worry that the tech stuff will beat them.


You might also be reading this right now thinking… well yes, being able to offer a compelling lead magnet to build my list sounds great, but where the hell do I start?

Introducing the Lead Magnet Academy... Step by Step Create and Publish a Lead Magnet YOUR Dream Clients Will be Eager to Get Their Hands On...

Inside the program, you'll be guided through each step of creating and publishing your own lead magnet and making it live on your website - ready for you to to build and serve your tribe - without relying on continued access to your existing social media accounts!


Together, we’ll work through…    

  • 1.

    How to clearly define the audience that you're creating your lead magnet to serve. WHO do you want to attract? What solution are they seeking and what 'mini-result' can you help them achieve - while also serving YOUR long-term conversion goals?

  • 2.

    Which lead magnet the MAJORITY of your audience will get value from and be eager to download. Within your targeted audience, there are three groups of people with differing needs. Most people you meet online will fall into the first group, so it is VITAL that your lead magnet is compelling to this group to attract more downloads. By the way, this is a CRITICAL requirement if you're paying for Facebook ads!

  • 3.

    How to map out the journey your clients can/do take with you to ensure that your lead magnet seamlessly flows into the next step that you invite them to take. So you have the best opportunity to convert more of your new email subscribers into PAYING CLIENTS?

  • 4.

    Building a squeeze page that consistently converts your page visitors into email subscribers. Including how to write copy that connects with your followers on an emotional level and motivates them to take action.

  • 5.

    How and where to promote your lead magnet to enjoy a daily stream of new email subscribers and enquiries.

"New Leads Signing Up Within a Day!"

Veronica has created an effective, easy to follow process that makes creating your lead magnet smooth and straightforward. 

You can quickly get something in place that will be a valuable addition to your marketing and have your new leads signing up within a day. 

What's not to like?!

Sue Ritchie
Susan Ritchie Leadership Development

No more feeling so overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your lead magnet that you keep putting it off - possibly forever!


The Lead Magnet Academy will show you how to create and publish your compelling lead magnet, attracting your first subscribers within JUST 8 HOURS! 


You'll get instant access to all program session and downloadable workbooks.


Work through the sessions in order of sequence, in your own time and at your own pace, and by the end of session 5 you will be celebrating your first new email subscriber!


Don't worry if you don't consider yourself to be a whizz with technology either. Each session includes how to guides for any of the technical aspects of creating and publishing your lead magnet too.


SESSION ONE: Planning Your Lead Magnet

In this first session, we'll look at the journey that your clients can or do take with you. 


Starting from the end result you help clients achieve, we'll ensure that your new lead magnet is the first step they can take today to get a 'mini-result', and recognise you're the person who can help them... ensuring that your lead magnet flows seamlessly into your paid offerings.


SESSION TWO: Drafting Your Lead Magnet

In session two, you'll discover how your core audience is made up of three groups of people, each with differing levels of interest and attention. 


Most people you meet online will be in the first group, so you'll be creating the first draft of your lead magnet with confidence that the MAJORITY of your audience will be eager to get access too.


SESSION THREE: Writing Your Squeeze Page Copy and Welcome Email

In this session, the focus shifts away from your lead magnet and onto the page you'll send your audience to download your lead magnet (referred to as a squeeze page).


You'll discover my very simple process for crafting magnetic copy that promotes the value of your lead magnet and motivates your audience into action so your squeeze page consistently achieves a great conversion rate.


SESSION FOUR: Building Your Squeeze Page

Now you’ve created your lead magnet and drafted the first version of your squeeze page copy, today we’ll be building your squeeze page, adding the copy, and connecting the opt-in form on your squeeze page to your email service.


Your audience will be able to complete your opt in form, download your lead magnet and achieve the result, on autopilot - often before you're even aware of who they are. 


SESSION FIVE: Promoting Your Lead Magnet to Attract New Subscribers

Woohoo! You now have a compelling lead magnet to offer your audience, a squeeze page to capture their name and email address and your automated lead magnet delivery system is in place.


So in this final session, we’ll look at the different ways you can invite your audience to download your new lead magnet so you're generating a consistent stream of new email subscribers and seeing your list grow daily..


Fully Supported, Comprehensive Training and Mentoring Program

  • 1.

    Instant access to all Lead Magnet Academy sessions so you can work through the program at your own pace, in your own time.

  • 2.

    Downloadable PDF workbooks to accompany each session - including additional training and resources to support your implementation.

  • 3.

    Your new, compelling lead magnet that the MAJORITY of your audience will be eager to get their hands on - attracting your first email subsciber within just 8 hours!


Brand New Content for 2017

The online world has changed considerably since this program was first created three years ago. So, in December 2016 I UPDATED the entire program content to ensure you are giving your audience what the want most in 2017!


I originally created the Lead Magnet Academy program in 2013, but since then, the online world has changed dramatically, and what worked back then, isn't effective today.


So, in December 2016, I re-recorded the entire program live, with my private clients, over 5 consecutive days and by the end of the final session they were celebrating their initial flurry of subscribers.


(I wanted to give you a realistic timescale of how long it would take you to work through this program, so I asked my private clients who did this program live with me last week to calculate how long it took them to create and publish their new lead magnet, from start to finish. 8 hours was their response.)


When you join the Lead Magnet Academy today, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire, NEWLY UPDATED program, so you can get started whenever you're ready.

"I Discovered an Avatar my Marketing has Previously Overlooked!"

A surprise benefit of Veronica's Lead Magnet Academy was discovering an ideal client avatar I'd overlooked in my previous marketing.

Going through each of the steps gave me clarity on what my audience way, ave me the step by step guide to creating a lead magnet specifically for them, and get it in front them ... and quickly!

Anne Gage
Confident Horsemanship

Join the Lead Magnet Academy now to create and publish YOUR compelling lead magnet - and start converting your online and offline audience into warm leads within a few hours from now!


.. for £199


(Or, if you prefer, pay over two monthly instalments)

"Already Generated New Subscribers!"

Veronica's Lead Magnet training walks you through the creation and publication of a free download to offer in exchange for email addresses. 

I’d previously created these myself, but the training really does make the whole process more logical and enjoyable. 

I looked forward to following each day’s session and getting my new lead magnet published. It has already generated new subscribers for me. 

I’d recommend you to join the Lead Magnet Academy if you are ready for a straightforward, structured approach to getting your lead magnet created.

Naomi Jane Johnson
Purrfectly Animated

AND... There Are SIX Bonuses...!.



My Bots 4 Beginners online program (VALUE £99)

 A Facebook Messenger bot is a POWERFUL ADDITION to your marketing and follow up strategy, enabling you to build a SEPERATE AUDIENCE of your most engaged followers that have granted you permission to follow up with them using Facebook Messenge.


You'll become omnipresent online, and used effectively, you'll build and nurture a deeper relationship with the most engaged people in your audience. 


With 100% deliverability and 75%+ open rates, you'll reach MORE of the people who want your help, showing up regularly and consistently with something of value, and enjoy the results of being able to have powerful, private conversations - on autopilot! 


With the ever-tightening nature of Facebook's algorithm making it much more difficult to get your Facebook posts seen, being able to communicate with your tribe in Messenger will also lead to a significant increase in your enquiries and sales from Facebook too.

(VALUE £99)



Access to a private Facebook group, for additional coaching and accountability. (VALUE £100+)

Inside our private Facebook group, I'll be supporting you to create and publish your lead magnet. Plus, you'll be able to network and be supported by your peers as you build your online business! (VALUE £100+)



Create an Animated Video to Use on Your Squeeze Page or Online Marketing for FREE - Naomi Jane Johnson, Purrfectly Animated.

Naomi is an online marketing consultant using video and social media to help businesses create and share their story by leveraging the power of emotion, enabling them to attract more clients and keep existing clients engaged.


You'll get a free guide to how you can captivate your audience with video and the replay of a training session, exclusive to Lead Magnet Academy members showing you how to create a short animated video for your squeeze page or online marketing - for FREE!


This is perfect for you if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of video marketing but don't want to put yourself in front of the camera!



Choosing the Right Outsourcer or Employee – Nicola Mullarkey, the Honest Recruiter 

Nicola is known as The Honest Recruiter, starting out the in the recruitment sector in 1998 running her own business and she now helps businesses to build their Dream Team both outsourced or employed. Empowering them to achieve the business growth and life balance they want.


Today's bonus is the replay of an exclusive online training session with Nicola, on how to ensure that the next VA or employee you choose is your DREAM hire - where you get the support you were hoping for and it doesn't all go wrong after a seemingly perfect start to your working relationship!




Fill-in-the-Blanks Know, Like and Trust Welcome Email Templates - Liz Painter, Comma, Comma Copywriting

You've attracted a new subscriber who has just downloaded and received your lead magnet. Now what?


The next step is to send a series of welcome emails to begin building a relationship with your new lead, so your bonus is a set of fill-in-the-blanks welcome email templates that you can swipe and deploy to get your initial like, know and trust emails set up quickly and easily, ready to deliver on autopilot!



Overcoming Your Blocks to Getting Visible Online – Jane Jackson, Energy Releasing Expert

[*] Is the thought of becoming more visible online sending you running to the nearest corner to hide?


[*] When you think about putting your content out there, claiming your authority in your field, are you left frozen to the spot with doubt or fear?


[*] Are you avoiding making promo videos or doing more Facebook Live sessions because you don’t like the sound of your voice or the way you look on camera or because you don’t have the proper equipment or whatever other reasons you come up with….?


This bonus is the replay of a session with Jane, to give you the tools and resources to overcome your blocks to online visibility, identify what is really holding you back, get moving on releasing those blocks, and feel more comfortable and confident with increasing your online visibility.


Get out of your own way, and get ready to attract a stream of your dream clients!


Now it's time for you to decide... do you want my personal help to create and publish your COMPELLING lead magnet and attract your first new subscribers within 8 hours?


Join the Lead Magnet Academy Now...


(Or, if you prefer, pay over two monthly instalments)

"Took All my Tech Overwhelm Away and Made Publishing my Lead Magnet So Simple!"

I hope you realise how amazing you are Veronica. 

You've taken all the techical aspects of publishing my lead magnet - what would have been completely overwhelming for me to figure out on my own, and broken it down into achievable steps.

And then when I get stuck, there you are with easy to follow info that makes everything right. 

Total genius.

Liz Painter
Comma, Comma Copywriting
"Created, Published & Downloaded in Less Than 8 Hours!"

In the past, I've wasted hours and hours writing eBooks or PDFs, and for whatever reason (joining the technology dots, getting people interested in downloading it) it just hadn't worked for me.

The Lead Magnet Academy has shown me why I haven't been successful with my previous lead magnets, but better than that, in less than 8 hours I've been able to create a new one, get it published and out there getting downloads! 

Veronica takes you through an easy-to-follow process that just makes it so simple to get it right.

Sam Bell